Wizard of Oz - An Elementary School Production

As is tradition, this year we had another Elementary Musical, the Wizard of Oz. The show brought together over 140 elementary kids on stage for three days of singing, dancing, and wizardry. This astounding act took months of planning and hard work. But thanks to parents and teachers efforts, coupled with the children's enthusiasm to express themselves creatively, it was fun all the way!

Planning for the show started last year by picking the script. Then, in the first week of school, the announcement including the title of the play and audition dates was sent out.  With enough time given between the announcement and commencement of auditions, parents and students can comfortably research the story and pick roles.

It all has to start this early to ensure there is enough time to prepare kids from grade 2 through 5.

With auditions completed, now came the real work! Parents, teachers, and students all worked together through rehearsals, costume fittings, producing promotional materials, tickets, and other production work throughout the first term. So as not to disturb the children's regular school schedule, all this work was evenly spaced out from August when the school opened to February when the show took place. 

We got to enjoy a 3-day show taking us to the world of Oz. Custom made costumes, hand-painted scenery, fantastic acting, and a supporting orchestra! It was a beautiful treat to the IST community.



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