Why we are Investing in a Business Directory for our IST Alumni

IST alumni smiling because of our new online business directory

We’re on a mission to re-connect with our alumni community - and help them connect with one another.

We’ve created an alumni network, have invited alumni to share their story’s with us and the broader community, we have hours where our campus is open specifically to graduates, we have care package available for any IST gatherings and we’ve been inspired again and again witnessing what students have achieved since they walked across our stage.

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With all of these steps in place, we wanted to go one further and put something together that would help our local business owners. We’re creating an online alumni business directory!

If you are part of the IST community - as an alum, faculty member or parent - and have a business in Dar es Salaam or the surrounding community, we want to invite you to join our business directory free of charge. 

There are numerous benefits of joining a business directory, but why exactly are we investing in one for our IST alumni?

1. To Support Local Businesses

Online directories help support local businesses through exposure, brand awareness, increased revenue, offering them an inexpensive - and in our case free - advertising option. 

According to Business2Community, eight out of 10 people will use an online directory to find local companies. Of those individuals, 80% have an intent to purchase a product or service. 

In addition helping these buyers find local businesses, a directory:

  • Enhances your online presence
  • Improves your discoverability
  • Boosts a company’s SEO with an authoritative backlink

So why should you join our business directory? Click here to discover even more benefits

2. To Support Entrepreneurial Endeavors within our IST Community

At IST, we nurture our individuals to help them achieve excellence in their careers and in their lives. Once our students walk across the stage and join the alumni community, we want to continue helping them succeed in any way possible. 

And that is why we’re creating an online business directory, to support the business endeavors within our IST community.  

3. To Support IST Alumni 

As  IST alumni, you are what make our school what it is today and we are here to help you in your career.

“Our alumni have built the IST community through years of hard work and support. Building a business directory is one way we are enabling them to benefit from the IST community,” said Mr. Ismaili Simba, our Community Relations and Marketing Specialist.

4. To Create a Sense of Community Amongst our Alumni 

Not only do we want to re-connect with our IST alumni, we also want to help bring them together. Creating an online business directory can do just that. Alumni can see what their fellow graduates are up to, they have a chance to see just what organizations belong to the IST community. 

What is evident in the reasons above is support. We want to support you and hope you will help support one another. 

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