Take Action Tuesdays (TAT)


Tuesdays are uniquely special at IST. Every Tuesday after classes, is dedicated solely to activities related to service. Students congregate to catch up, make plans, and perform other activities for their Take Action Tuesdays (TAT) group. TAT groups are one form in which service-learning takes shape at IST.

TAT groups are student-led and student-organized groups based around particular interests. These groups allow students to work on local and global issues, usually in collaboration with local community partners. Although every student is required to participate, they get to choose which TAT to join based on their own interests. OR, they can create a whole new group if none of the existing ones cover their interest.

There are currently 18 groups, all focused on different areas. From Knitted Knockers, who knit prosthetics for women who’ve been affected by breast cancer, to TGO, who help empower female students from local schools by organizing workshops, fairs, and clinics to expose them to more career opportunities, to IST Tech Team, who work with all other TATs and other groups outside the TAT programme to cover events and assist with technical issues. There truly is something for everyone!

The TAT program helps students learn valuable skills, including how to organize and work well with others within and outside the group. All the while keeping up with, and taking action on issues currently happening in their surrounding communities. 



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