IST's Highest IBDP Accolade - The BK Tanna Award

The BK Tanna Award is IST's most prestigious award given to students graduating from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The student who is awarded this accolade must demonstrate the following qualities throughout their school years: high academic achievement, an outstanding effort for academic success, participation, enthusiasm, and attitude towards athletic activities, positive class participation, exemplary behavior and character, significant contribution to the community and social development.

The award itself is named after an IST community member who is just as impressive! Mr. Biharilal (BK) Tanna. Mr. Tanna was IST's Board Chairman from 1980 to 1987 and is one of the longest-serving board members having been elected to the board in 1978. Throughout his time as chair, Mr. Tanna oversaw the transformation of IST from a middle school to a full high school, as well as adopting the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

Mr. Biharilal (BK) Tanna

The suggestion to name the highest IBDP award after Mr. Tanna, came from the former head of school, Mike Maybury (Uncle Mike), during one of the board's annual general meetings. Totally surprised, Mr. Tanna, a bit flustered, accepted the honor.

Every year during graduation, the graduate who has best demonstrated the qualities required is awarded the BK Tanna Award. The award has become the highlight of all IST's graduations and a much looked to part of the celebration.

Unfortunately, with all that happened last year, we weren't able to announce a winner by graduation. Last year's BK Tanna Award goes to Luc Van De Ven. Find out more about his achievements here.

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