IST Alumni Spotlight: Going Everywhere Fast

IST alumni, Salma Abdussalam

Ms. Salma Abdussalam joined IST in 2013 excited to be part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Now working on her master’s degree, Ms. Salma remembers her time at IST as an incredible experience that granted her access to the best facilities, resources, teaching staff and learning environments.

“There truly was no other experience quite like IST for me in terms of schooling; the freedom to explore, find and create as per individual interests was something I truly valued,” she says.

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Ms. Salma says she chose IST because she knew completing the IB Diploma in what is one of the most prestigious and long-standing schools in Tanzania would benefit her future.

“I can say that I am truly glad I chose IST.” 

After graduating in 2015, Ms. Salma took a gap year and then started her law degree at Middlesex University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After earning her bachelor’s, she is now working towards her master’s degree in the LLM Legal Practice Solicitors program at BPP University in the UK. In between her degrees she worked as a paralegal at a German law firm in Dubai.

According to Ms. Salma, it took a lot of hard work to get to where she is now, and she credits her success to her work ethic, her incredible support network and to her education, with IST at the forefront. 

IST alumni Salma, standing proudly

“My success is an amalgamation of all the experiences I have had to date, from schooling to university to working. I will forever be thankful for all those experiences, especially for the two years spent in the IB Diploma Programme (DP) at IST.”

Ms. Salma has fond memories of her time at IST, one of which being when she and her fellow classmates gifted their Chemistry teacher a photo of the class with the caption, “Chemically Unstable since 2013”. She says the encouraging and nurturing environment at IST was another aspect of her education she valued. 

Ms. Salma remains a member of the IST community as a part of the Alumni Network. She joined in order to stay in touch with fellow students and past teaching staff, adding IST still plays a role in her education.

“I met some incredible people during my time at IST and made some great friends who are still quite close, even five years down the line.”

Ms. Salma receives regular updates as a part of the Alumni Network and thinks showcasing the talented graduates from IST is a great initiative. She hopes that any incoming student looks to her experience at IST and can appreciate the power of opportunities.

“Ending up with a career in law is not what I had initially envisioned for myself while at school, but being able to explore allowed me to test out different things, gain the confidence to try out things I would not usually and see where my aptitude lay,” she said. 

“At IST, there are constant opportunities available to you to explore, understand, learn and enjoy.”

Through our new IST Alumni Network, you can re-connect with the school community, see any upcoming events, sign up to be a mentor of an IST student and so much more! As you know, the IST alumni community is one of vibrancy and of camaraderie, two pillars which also happen to be at the centre of the network. The IST Alumni Network also fully integrates with social networks and cultivates a culture of helping and giving back. 

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