How We Made Reading Cool

Reading skills play an integral part when it comes to student performance, especially after graduating. Post-school, learners have to be able to find and consume new information with little to no guidance from teachers. Following IB guidelines, IST has worked to develop a deep culture of reading. This skill helps our students become independent learners, excelling beyond the school environment.

Every year, listening to feedback from teachers, students, and parents, we keep adding improvements to our libraries, helping us grow a strong community of readers. The following are a few highlights of what has been successful.

Options and Variety
We have separate libraries for each campus, allowing us to tailor options for different age groups. Each library has a collection of 20,000+ volumes of fiction and non-fiction publications. Students are allowed to make requests for fiction and non-fiction books that are not in stock. A great library department quenches every reader's thirst.

Reading Games
One of the reasons that make reading fun, being able to get lost in your imagination, is also one that means it can get a bit lonely. You can make reading even more fun by introducing games! Library-appropriate games such as puzzles mean students can take short breaks to collaborate on something else. In class, role-playing games can help students understand the source material much better. An example of this is our Balloon Debate!

Student Requests
It's hard to keep up with every book and every edition that comes out every year, so why not let your readers do it for you?! While the school updates its stock every year, students and teachers can submit requests for books not already in stock. None of our readers ever have to cut a series short because they couldn't find the next one.

Easy Takeouts
Students can takeout books using the online system, or they can reserve and pick them up. The easy takeout system, coupled with regular class/group reading events, makes it easy for students to discover and borrow books.

Over the past year, IST's most-read books have been: Scythe, Theory of Knowledge: Course Companion, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Hate You Give, and Wonder!

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