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Design Technology Lab Upgrade

Design technology is one of the Science courses in the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The course teaches students to observe, analyze, and come up with designs that solve a problem they're working on.

At IST, Design technology helps students understand how a product evolves from being an idea to becoming a real product, this includes ideation, experimentation, and development. Students also learn what considerations need to be made across the way to ensure the product is functional and most important, safe for the people using it, and for the environment.

The Design technology laboratory is where all this magic takes place. Recently upgraded from a one-floor building, the lab now consists of an additional upper floor filled with state-of-the-art toys! The upper floor is divided into two rooms, one is a dedicated lecture room, and the other hosts a big laser cutting and etching machine. The lower floor is filled with multipurpose workstations, 3d-printers and additional machinery for woodworking. Every year students utilize the Design lab for various projects. This school year, students undertook a special project making toys for learning for local schools.

Testing out the toys

Creativity and art have always been at the foremost at IST, with this upgrade, we look forward to more designs from students!

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