Alumni Spotlight: Learning About Saving Lives

Habib joined IST in 2008, just having moved from ISZ in Zanzibar. He stayed in IST until graduation in 2013. Over his five years here, his fondest memory was his last day. The school erupted into water-fights, and students and teachers threw each other into the pool. He realized that in his teachers, he had also made friends.

After graduation, Habib joined Coventry University, where he attained his Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences. The journey to achieving his long-time dream had started. He says, if you ask anyone who knows him, they'll tell you he's always wanted to be a doctor! After finishing his studies in the UK, he moved to Cyprus to study medicine. He's got only one year left to go.

Habib and his classmates posing for their yearbook picture.

He says the best feeling in the world is caring for a patient and experiencing first-hand their recovery process. All the work put in by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers every day, and the resulting incremental improvements that lead to a full recovery. This is what inspires him and makes him excited to put in his best every day.

The highlight of his studies came when he was allowed to assist in a C-section. He got to suture the incision after the operation! Moments like these help him go through all the paperwork, meetings, and seminars that come with the medical field.

Habib hopes to specialize in heart surgery or interventional cardiology.

He's looking forward to running his own operation one day. And to be able to take vacations!

We're proud to have another passionate doctor for alumni, and we look forward to hearing from him.

Habib Mohamed - Class of 2013


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