Alumni Spotlight: Living by Values, Promoting Ethical Practices

"Look guys, it's a water-hog!". Smita is still able to recall in vivid detail how a classmate exclaimed upon sighting a warthog during a 5th grade trip to Mikumi. Everyone roared with laughter at the remark. The thrill of being so far away from home and the freedom to explore new places and things was overwhelming. To be with classmates and friends for 3 days at a stretch meant hours of adventuring and a lifetime of memories!

Can you spot Smita posing with her classmates for a yearbook photo in 1995?!​​​​​

Smita graduated from IST in 1999 and went on to pursue development studies in the US. She began her career in academia focusing on the social impact of globalization and the importance of diversity & inclusion in workplaces. Having spent a few years in the development sector, she recently transitioned into strategic & corporate communications with a large PR firm. Through this journey, she has realized that learning is an infinite process and there is something to learn from everybody she meets. As a result, the term "expertise" and its various synonyms, have little meaning in her life. Continuous learning and reflection lead to incremental change and the ultimate transformation of oneself! In her new role, this practice has helped her adapt to corporate culture and taught her that essentially conflicts are opportunities to understand, accept, and grow. 

Smita Pendharkar

A firm believer in sustainability and the purpose of community-centric social structures, Smita never imagined that she would end up in the corporate world. She is excited to translate her advocacy and activism for the environment, animal rights, and sustainability into an ethical corporate strategy. That'll help her company chart a coherent and positive social, environmental, and health impact strategy.

Smita is thrilled to have found a career that aligns with her core values. She looks forward to translating this opportunity into a positive outcome for all the communities she is connected to. We are excited for her, and we look forward to hearing more!

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