Alumni Spotlight: Developing Talents And Changing Livelihoods

A hot cup of tea or a warm bath? After a long day of hiking in Usambara, Judith Fernandes Sequeira (Judy) remembers this lively discussion taking place as she and her classmates were trying to decide what to do with the limited supply of hot water. This hike earned Judy a Silver Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and is one of her most memorable experiences as a student at I.S.T.
Judy joined IST in 1984, but her family had to move, so she would leave and then rejoin in 1987. From then she would go on to graduate with an IB Diploma in 1998. After graduating from John Jay Criminal college, she decided to pursue a path that would combine her two passions; discovering and connecting with amazing people and building a better tomorrow.


Judith Sequeira and her father, former IST teacher, the late Mr. Fernandes

She started her career working as a foster care social worker in New York. In 2006 she moved into the people management space, helping leaders design talent solutions that drive better business outcomes. Four years ago, she moved into her current position, a regional HR role for a UK-based charitable foundation that is committed to social and economic development in East Africa. 
In her profession, Judy gets to put her passion for connecting great people to making great plans to good use. One of the highlights of her career was setting up an event where leading Tanzanian professionals and experts in their respective fields came together to discuss important issues related to private sector development, including how to recruit great Tanzanian talent.
Judy is excited to explore what more she can do in her role. And, there is one more thing she has always wanted to try, singing!
We look forward to hearing from Judy again, maybe with a new album too!


Judith Sequeira, Class of 1998


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