Alumni Spotlight: Connecting Tanzanians Through Digital Technologies

Five minutes is not a lot of time. It's barely enough time to come up with a haiku, but it is more than enough time to spark a lifelong curiosity for technology! For Al-Amin Kheraj, his special five minutes took place in grade 8. After a science class, he was curious about how electricity flows through a city. His teacher, Mr. Duncan, took about five minutes to explain the basics to him. This moment encouraged Al-Amin to follow through on his curiosity, and eventually end up working with digital technologies.

Al-Amin graduated from IST in 2004, and after finishing his college studies, in 2014 he joined a mobile company that was in the process of introducing 4G to Tanzania at the time - Smart. He convinced the company to localize its digital marketing budget and demonstrated how it could be used effectively to reach and engage with Tanzanians. In one week, he was able to sell 10 times more mi-fi devices at a fraction of the previous marketing budget.

After working extensively with the online markets, Al Amin launched his own company, Lateral Labs. His company provides numerous digital services, including; web design and hosting, digital marketing, content creation, and other personalized services to make Tanzanian companies more accessible on the web. Al-Amin believes that technology is a vital tool that can help us learn flexibly, connect, and engage with each other in much more convenient ways, allowing individuals to collaborate and innovate independently.

Al-Amin Kheraj

Al-Amin is excited about the future of digital technology in Tanzania. He plans to use his company to explore opportunities that overlap across sectors so individuals and enterprises can coexist in an increasingly competitive future. His views towards technology are reminiscent of IST's goal to produce graduates that can recognize opportunities arising from an increasingly interconnected world. We are proud to have graduates that put their communities first!

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