Alumni Spotlight: Connecting Farmers To Markets The Modern Way

Adelaide Makwaia recalls her fondest memories at IST as the times spent with friends in their special hiding spot. This spot, somewhere in the library, served as their to-go-to place for everything! Catching up on your favorite novels? Solving high-level math problems? Just catching a break? If it was important enough there was the spot for it. From this spot, Adelaide would explore her plans for the future!

Adelaide Makwaiya - Class of 2010

Adelaide joined IST in 2008 through the school's IBDP scholarship scheme and graduated with an IB Diploma in 2010. From the spot, she moved on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts and Environmental Studies from Bates College.  After graduation, she started pursuing her passion, eventually leading to the conception of Freshi. Throughout her life, she had always been fascinated by digital innovation, especially how it can be utilized for the benefit of the customer.

Freshi is a grocery delivery service focused on freshly sourced fruits and vegetables. Customers can view available catalogs and order deliveries via WhatsApp. This link takes you to Freshi's chat. There you can ask for available packages and delivery details.

Working in the digital industry, and the journey through founding Freshi has been an exciting and challenging time. Adelaide has enjoyed this journey, especially the creative parts. Coming up with product design and package names especially is one of the most fun things she has got to do so far. Adelaide and her team have also had to overcome some challenges. As a startup, they have to make everything from scratch, including a custom-made-packaging!

They are excited to expand their service, eventually working with small-holder farmers across Tanzania.

We look forward to seeing Adelaide's business grow, and eventually never having to go to a farmer's market!

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