Teen Girls Organization (TGO): Career Fair at IST Secondary

Teen Girls Organization (TGO): Career Fair at IST Secondary

On Saturday, 28th April, IST's Teen Girls Organization (TGO) hosted their annual Career Fair with about a hundred students from local schools and guest speakers representing careers ranging from medicine to library and finance management.

TGO is a student-led initiative begun about five years ago by students at IST Secondary. The group's goals are to:

  • Empower female teens.
  • Promote gender equality and reduce disparities in wealth and power through the empowerment of the local community and female teens.
  • Promote the exchange of beliefs, ideas, and opinions through cultural interactions.

Check out the highlights here:

In addition to the Career Fair, the group also held a Women's Health Day event in September. Other long-term projects under consideration include providing a scholarship opportunity to attend university and donating computers to a high school.

In 2016, TGO won the AISA Service Award for their work with the hugely successful career fair as well as their work to conduct Computer Literacy Workshops.

The TGO members for 2017-18 are:

  • Selina Mehta
  • Mathilde Roberge
  • Zara Franceschi
  • Akanksha Gupta
  • Tiemo Telemans
  • Mirengeri Diallo

The group's work is led and carried out by the students themselves, but they also have the backing of a fantastic faculty advisor, Ms. Evelise Vaoga. Great work TGO! We look forward to hearing more from you.