TEDxYouth@Upanga 2019

TEDxYouth@Upanga 2019

TEDxYouth@Upanga is back! This year the International School of Tanganyika will be hosting their third annual TEDxYouth event at the Elementary campus on Saturday, 23rd of March 2019. This year our theme for the event is Breaking Boundaries. TEDxYouth is a local, independently organized event that brings together the Youth within the local community with the aim of sharing a TED-like experience. At the TEDx event, participants experience live TED talks, pre-recorded TED talks, and performances by students and local artists. The aim of TEDxYouth@Upanga is to 'break barriers' among the next generation of changemakers and inspire them to go further and dream higher.

This year we are particularly proud to have four speakers from the IST community including, Shivani Kakkad- an IB1 student, Jonas Ladenson and Aliraza Dewji- both grade 9 students, and finally, Mr. Tim Goundry, who is the head of the Language and Literature department at the Secondary school. The information on all our speakers can be found on our website. Along with inspiring speakers, TEDx is also promoting the phenomenal artistic talent that resides in our community through their performances. This year our entertainers include the IST Elementary jugglers, a performance by Anjara and Sarai Mellman, mind-blowing magic tricks by Tim Mummert and finally a trip to musical enchantment with Symphonies for Change.

Even though this is an invite-only event, we would like to welcome the IST community to enjoy the event through our live streams on both Youtube and Facebook. The full schedule of this year's event can also be found on our official website.

You can access the live stream by clicking on this link!

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