T-Go T-Shirts Are Here!

Available at every short break this week, in the courtyard. Collect your pre-orders, or feel free to purchase one

And Then What?

With the funds raised from selling these shirts, TGO is paying for a girl's education. The girl, Evenet, is a 15 year old who grew up in an abusive environment. This was the cause of her medical condition, and she has since had to have multiple surgeries, including a colostomy, which has prevented her from ever attending school. Yet, in her new environment, Evenet now wants to pursue an education and we will be supporting her by providing her tuition fees for private tutoring until she begins primary school, and thereafter her school fees as well. As you can imagine, there are many challenges that come with her medical condition, her experiences in an abusive environment, and with starting primary school as a teenager, but Evenet's determination has inspired us to support her.

Thank you for your support (Teen Girls Organisation)