Student Led Conference Sign Up

Student Led Conference Sign Up

Dear Parents,

The invitation to sign up for Student Led Conferences on April 8th and 9th has been sent to you If you did not receive an email with your invitation to sign up, please get in contact with Mrs Juliana Karubi (

A few important reminders -
1. Please note that there will be no classes for students on Tuesday, April 9th.
2. Parents will make a single appointment to meet with the Homeroom Teacher and their son or daughter, which will take the first 30 minutes.
3. Appointments are set for 2 hours, so that parents and students can informally meet with teachers around campus to ask follow up questions if needed.
4. The booking system closes for appointments on Friday, April 5.

Sessions will be blocked as such:

First 30 minutes Meet in homeroom with advisors for students to complete the Student Led Conference in room listed on appointment confirmation.

Next 1 hour and 30 minutes Student/Parent/Teacher meetings – informally visit classrooms to follow up with individual teachers (maps available upon arrival at front gate). An opportunity for a quick conversation with teacher

**Grade 11 Parents - please note that there is no 30 minute Student Led Conference session - instead students will be meeting with parents and counselors at a different date to help facilitate the college counseling process. Parents of Grade 11 students who wish to meet with any teachers should arrive 30 minutes into the two hour session. (Please still be sure to make an appointment on the same sign up form).

Student-Led Conferences are a powerful platform for students to become leaders in their learning. Through reflection, planning and communication, they develop metacognitive skills which promote thinking about thinking and how they can improve their learning processes. Students develop self-advocacy through understanding their strengths and challenges and how to work to improve these areas. They discuss these areas with parents and are therefore able to reflect on themselves as learners. The students have spent time over the year, planning which pieces of work reflect their growth and how they engage in learning. Student choice is developed, as students intentionally select key pieces of work to reflect upon. Conferences put students in the driving seat of the feedback process and the deep reflection that results, is the catalyst for growth and change. We look forward to honoring student voice as you sit down with your child and share in the learning.

If you experience difficulties with signing up, please contact Mr. David Hunt at
We look forward to meeting you.
Warm regards,

Yasmin Henn
Secondary Vice Principal