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Can you help the children of Kindwitwi achieve their full potential?

The Rufiji Leprosy Trust is proud to launch the William Powell Education Fund for Kindwitwi's Children in honour of Bill Powell, the inspirational teacher and former CEO of IST. This fund will continue Bill's legacy, ensuring talented children can pursue their dreams.

If you would like to hear more about Kindwitwi and the achievements of the Village, please visit our website, join us on social media or let us know if you'd like to receive our quarterly eNewsletter with updates from the Village.

We are looking to raise $15,000 allowing RLT to support amazing children for the next 3 years from Kindergarten through to Higher Education. To date we have just under $1100 donated with another $1000 pledged to the campaign, can you help us reach our target by sharing this email with your friends from IST or sharing on your social media channels? One thing which still requires support is education. Children in Kindwitwi from families still affected by leprosy are unable to attend school without financial support.

We would love your support! Click here to donate

On behalf of all of Kindwitwi - thank you

Geoff O'Donoghue and Dr Sarah Feather, Co-chairs - Rufiji Leprosy Trust