Open Shoe Rack Project

As the games start rolling, we wanted to start this tradition that hopefully be carried over every season. The boys and girls volleyball team have been playing with several local teams and they've been instrumental in IST's team development. This project will allow these teams to somehow have an equal chance to play and will help them be equipped to play the sport properly. Their development would be our gain as well.

The idea is that we would have an open shoe rack in the boys and girls dressing room wherein visiting teams could try on and take donated shoes from staffs and participating students. The athletes are free to try them on and keep the shoes if it fits. We would also coordinate with coach Hamoudi and the visiting coaches in making sure that the project's priority is the players and should only get for people within their team. This will help us extend this opportunity to as many teams as possible.

Any help will go a long way for these hard-working and talented athletes!

Kind Regards,

Jerome Lingo

Grade 7 Learning Support & Team Leader