News from the Board

Call for Board Candidates

On Thursday May 24th 2018, the IST community will elect several new members of the IST Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is comprised of dedicated volunteers who give their time and expertise to ensure that the school develops in a positive direction in line with student needs, strategic goals, and projected realities. Service on the school Board offers a fulfilling opportunity to contribute directly to the future of IST and its community.

We encourage you to run for a position on the IST Board. Whether you have a background in finance, human resources, diplomacy, education, or simply just have a passion to want to contribute to your child's school at this level, the skills and experience you can bring to the Board are tremendously valuable to the significant and varied work the Board undertakes.

If you would like to know more about becoming an IST Board member or to express your interest, please contact IST Board Vice Chair Sona Shah at You can also find the Nomination Process Package here >>. Kindly also mark your calendars for Thursday, 5 April 2018 when further information about Board responsibilities and the election process will be shared at a Board Candidate Lunch (details to follow).

Board Open Forum April 11th

The Board Open Forum originally scheduled for April 4th will be held on April 11th. The Board Open Forum is a chance for all parents to hear from the Board about issues related to school strategy and governance. All parents are encouraged to attend this important forum.