News from Grade 2

Mtendeni School Field Trip

You may recall that back in October all Grade 2 classes visited the deaf unit at Mtendeni School. From this visit, the school requested help from IST for supplies and equipment. IST supported by donating 3 unused computers and 30 unused tables & chairs. The students in Grade 2, took action by organising a bake sale to fund the purchase of a printer, and a grand total of Tsh 1,463,250.00 was raised. Some of this money was used to make custom-made grills to create a secure classroom, that will house all the computers, and the remaining funds were used to buy a new printer. On Tuesday this week, a few children, randomly chosen from each class, visited the school again to officially handover all the donations. We would like to thank the parents of Grade 2 for their support in making this project possible as well the IST Community.