MUN in the Spotlight: Fatema Bhalloo, Class of 2018

MUN in the Spotlight: Fatema Bhalloo, Class of 2018

Following on the success of DARMUN on April 14th, we wanted to bring you some news about the impressive Model United Nations (MUN) programs.

IST students have the chance to participate in one of three MUN events:

  • DARMUN which is held in Dar es Salaam and a great introduction for our middle school students to learn about MUN
  • JOMUN held in Johannesburg for Grades 7-10
  • THIMUN held in The Hague for Grades 9-12

While many IST students are responsible for the success of MUN at IST, one student in particular has made great strides with the program. In February 2018, Fatema Bhalloo (Class of 2018) served as Deputy President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at THIMUN (Model United Nations held at The American School of The Hague). The ICJ is one of the most prestigious committees of THIMUN and it is quite an honor for her and IST to be selected. She served with the President of the ICJ and a 15-judge panel that heard two cases over a five-day period, Cyprus vs Turkey in Maritime Zone Disputes and The Marshall Islands v United Kingdom, India and Pakistan. Fatema was lead judge in the second case, deciding motions and facilitating judges' examination of witnesses and deliberations.

Check out Fatema's fantastic closing arguments here:

Following her graduation from IST, Fatema plans to continue her studies at New York University next year. Great work Fatema and to all students who take on challenging roles with MUN!