Masters Swimming Championships Winners

This past weekend, many IST community members came together with some TALISS-IST coaches and parents to compete in a Masters Swimming Championships held at Shaaban Robert Swimming Pool. They came away with the Championship Trophy for Taliss-IST.

Taliss-IST collected a total of 1,987 points to beat five other clubs in the one day event. Among the swimmers on Team Tails-IST were Megan Hardeman, Isaac Russell, Kirk Leichner, Scott Ryan, Andy Perkin, Susan Thurlow, Sophie Carmichael, Jennifer Ford, Aimee and Pinck Steiner, Michelle Ng, Anise Jivani, Coach Alex, Coach Siki, Coach Christopher, Coach Filex and Imani Dominick Alimanya who is the chairperson of the Tanzanian Swimming Association. The team was coached by Alex Mwaipaisi.

If you would like to join the Taliss-IST Masters Swim team, they will start practicing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7-8pm at the IST Masaki Swimming Pool. Sessions will be coached by Tails-IST coaches, and will come at a cost of 10,000tsh per person, per session paid to Taliss-IST on the training day. All IST community members are encouraged and most welcome to join any of the training sessions and become a member of the Taliss-IST Masters Swim Team!