Looking for Social Innovators to Mentor/Coach IST Students

IST is organising a team of high school students to participate in the Diamond Challenge through the University of Delaware. The Diamond Challenge is an international competition where student teams develop social innovations that can lead to income generation. This learning experience is for students who are interested in entrepreneurship, development, design and innovation. Students will be working throughout semester 1 to develop a innovative solution to a problem facing individuals here in Tanzania. We are looking for local social innovators/entrepreneurs who can come speak to the students and serve as mentors. The mentors will work with faculty members to support

From Diamond Challenge

"If the primary purpose is to solve a social problem and make a positive impact on people or the environment, then the social innovation competition is right for you.The social innovation competition focuses on the development of new, social innovation models that may include revenue-generating nonprofit organisations and mission-driven, for-profit ventures."

Feel free to share this with colleagues who may not be affiliated with IST. Volunteers can sign up here.