IST's Got Talent: Calling all Artists!

Calling all budding artists ... please consider sharing your art talent with us for the Art Exhibit, which will be featured on April 21st!

Parents - please kindly note all the guidelines and deadlines before submitting your child's entry.

A few quick points to remember upon submission:

  • IMPORTANT: If you have already entered your child for the talent portion, they CANNOT enter for the Art Exhibit. Only ONE entry per child please.
  • Please email for any queries, and for your submissions due by April 10!
  • We will have 2 experienced parents who have an art and photography background who have volunteered to look over your work, and share feedback to your artistic points of view! They will look over your child's initial submission, and be there live on 21st of April to see the final product debut!

Please click this link to enter your Artist!

Have a great holiday off!