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International Day - 2nd November, 2018

Save the Date!! Friday, November 2

International Day! This is a much looked-forward to event that is intended to celebrate our cultural and national diversity here at IST. This year is a very special celebration as IST celebrates it's 55th anniversary this year and we are having a combined International day celebration to recognise this amazing school and its growth over 55 years!

This year it will be held on Friday, November 2, 2018, and it will be a Whole School event, so students and staff of IST Secondary will join IST Elementary on the Elementary Campus for a day of celebration. International day is a celebration that takes place at the Elementary Campus annually and this year, the secondary campus students will participate also.

On International Day itself, students will arrive at school as usual. Students are encouraged to dress in their national costume or colours. Students will be bussed to the Elementary campus (towards the end of period one) and participate in the Parade of Nations. A big attraction of the day is the Parade of Nations where the students parade their Country groups. They will be directed to their country meeting point upon arrival.

The second biggest attraction is the country stalls. This is where we need all parents on board! A country stall will be set up by parent volunteers. It consists of a "display" -a little bit about your country in the form of posters, photos, books, clothing and of course traditional food items (limited to 2 items per country).

Food items must be finger foods (like bite size portions that does not require plates or bowls etc.), and you must have enough to feed about 6oo students. Since this year is a joint event of both campuses parents of either campus are encouraged to sign up to volunteer to help out.

Please note, this event is exclusively for the IST community.

To make this day a success we need YOUR support!! We encourage and welcome volunteers to come forward. Involvement includes assisting with the decoration of their country stall, or even by proudly representing your home country by becoming a country coordinator. Should you decide to become a Country Coordinator, please e-mail us at Sign-up for Country Coordinators will end on the 15th September 2018.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact your grade representative or email SPN.

Thank you.