Grade 12 Student Self-Publishes Her First Novel

Hazel Kevlihan, grade 12, has self-published her first novel: Two Lies and a Diamond. She describes her work as: "a contemporary young adult novel with a twist of the fantastical, perfect for anyone twelve and up." She elaborates further: "Reading this book involves suspending your disbelief because the characters perform amazing feats of bravery, intelligence, and foolishness all within the first chapter. I was inspired to write it by a blog post I read a few years ago that asked what your eight-year-old self would want to do today. For me, that was writing."

Hazel wrote the book when she was in tenth grade and finished editing it last year while she was also completing her first year of the Diploma Program. She published the book on Amazon this summer. "I've gotten some amazing support from middle grade readers. Right now I'm trying to get more people interested in my work, and writing reviews," Hazel said.

You can view/buy the book by clicking the image below.

Two Lies and a Diamond