Further Reading about Third Culture Kids

IST has been very fortunate to have Tanya Crossman with us this past week. She spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the ES, working with parents, TA's, teachers, Grade 4, and Grade 5. All of her workshops were hands on and practical to our ever changing, global lives. Copies of her book, Misunderstood, are still available in both the ES and SS Libraries for 35,000 TSH or $15 USD. If you are looking for further reading, here are some suggestions from Tanya:

  • "Hidden in my Heart" by Taylor Murray (for teens)
  • "B at Home: Emma Moves Again" by Valerie Besanceney (ES)
  • "My Moving Booklet" by Valerie Besanceney (ES)
  • "Slurping Soup and Other Confusions" by Tonges, Menezes, Gemmer Emigh (all)

A good blog for more resources: Thebrainstormplus.blogspot.com

Also, please see this great list >> of books (all found in IST libraries) as well as websites, blogs, movies and articles for parents who want to learn more about raising Third Culture Kids.

Happy Reading!

Kirk Leichner and Courtney Park

IST Librarians