From the Principal's Desk

It has been quiet on campus this week while the campus was shared by youngest and oldest members of the secondary school. While the grade 6 students were studying and playing games, the grade 12 students were coming and going for DP mock exams. Quite the contrast between the two groups. I know that the grade 12 students were a bit envious of the grade 6s during their afternoon games. The entire week has been quite purposeful with the seniors practicing for their may IB diploma exams, many of the grade 11s conducting field work for internal assessments (IAs), the grade 6s catching up on learning, and the rest of the students exploring interesting locations throughout Tanzania. We look forward to hearing their stories when they return later today.

I want to thank the members of our faculty for dedicating their time and effort these past weeks. Those who went on trips were technically on call 24 hours a day for 5 days. This dedication allows us to offer students a wholistic learning program that expands beyond the classroom. I also would like to thank Kristine Greenlaw for her work in organizing and managing these trips. Her work on this began last year and because of this the trips have run smoothly.

I want to bring your attention to two upcoming events for parents.

February 28 SPN Meeting - At this time I will be sharing information and gathering feedback on our plans to ensure that all students have access to their own laptop next year. We have developed a new model that we want to share with parents.

March 5 Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Experience for Parents - The ToK teachers are organizing an interactive learning experience for parents where parents will get a glimpse of what our students study in this interesting and challenging course. More information will be shared next week and those who are interested will sign up.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Post ESP Events

February 20: School Holiday

February 20 - 21: Professional Development Days

February 20 - 23: Mock Exams (Grade 12)

February 21 - 25: ISSEA Arts Festivals (@ISK and AISJ)

February 28: SPN Meeting (7:30 am)

February 28 - March 2: Kiswahili Week