From the Secondary Athletics Department

Positive Coaching Alliance

With all of the great matches happening around us, it is important to remember that all of these contests are put on for students to learn, challenge themselves and work toward their goals. With this in mind I wanted to share a thought from the Positive Coaching Alliance for our students, families and community members.

Let the Players Play

Let the Coaches Coach

Let the Officials Officiate


Let the Spectators Be Positive

Celebrating 20 years of ISSEA!

As our student-athletes get ready to head to ISSEA Volleyball at AIS - Mozambique and ISSEA Track and Field at ICS-Addis Ababa we are beginning our 20th anniversary celebrations with the unveiling of the new website for ISSEA: . The website is full of useful information, media and links to all of the event pages and upcoming ISSEA events for the rest of the year!

Secondary School MPH Closed for Renovations

The MPH will be closed Saturday morning 13/10 through Sunday afternoon 21/10 for ongoing renovations to the electrics, and preparations for the AC units to be installed in December. Please do not use the facility throughout the break. The Hardcourt and Field will be open for the break.

Season 2 for ISSEA Sports

ISSEA Basketball (AIS - Lusaka, Zambia) and Swimming (ISU, Uganda) will be starting up the last week of October, with tryouts happening throughout the first few weeks. See Coach Mbwana, Coach Cussen or Coach Milne for more information about training details.

Thank you!

Joe Seavey
Athletics Activities Director, Secondary Campus