From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Grade 5 U15 teams will be travelling to Moshi this Friday for the Moshi Sports Weekend, a regional tournament bringing together 16 international schools. We wish them all the best, go Twigas! Next week from Monday to Friday, Grade 6 will be in Zanzibar for their ESP trip, there they'll be learning about the history of Zanzibar and the coast of Tanzania.

High School Play

The high school play is here! Black Box Theatre Company presents You Can't Take it With You, a comedy by Moss Hart and George Kaufman! You're invited to the Vanderhof home, where you will meet a collection of cheerful and erratic (yet lovable) individualists who engage in playwriting, ballet dancing, xylophone playing and firework making, among other things.

Performances will begin at 7pm in the Black Box on:

  • Thursday, November 29,
  • Friday, November 30, &
  • Saturday, December 1.

Tickets are 10,000 TZS and will be available for purchase in the Drama Office or Ms. Payne in C1 on Monday, November 19.

AISA GISS 2019 - Only 32 More Beds Needed!

This means that we need 16 more families to open up their homes to our guests January 16-20. We are so close to being able to offer every single student a place to stay during the conference. Sign up now by going to the hosting form. You will find more details there.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location Time
Fri-Sun. Nov. 23 - 25 Moshi Trip ISM -
Mon-Fri. Nov. 30 Grade 6 Zanzibar Trip Zanzibar -
Thur - Sat. Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 The High School Play - "You Can't Take It With You" Black Box - SS Campus 7.00pm

Blair Peterson

Secondary Principal