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Dear Parents,

The ISSEA competition has wrapped up and we are in celebration! Our boys brought home the Volleyball Cup from Mozambique, our track and field teams did exceptionally well in Ethiopia as well, setting some new records. The Volleyball win was IST's first ISSEA championship in 4 years.

The Champions Receiving Their New Banner at the International Day Assembly

Parent - Teacher Conferences

"Student Involved" = Student Participation

Leading up to next week's Student Involved, Parent-Teacher Conferences it's important to understand the reason for the "Student Involved" component. Traditional parent-teacher conferences create a triangle relationship which is not always effective.

The teacher and parent meet and then the parent goes back to their son/daughter to discuss what they have learned. Even when taking copious notes by the time the parent has time to meet with the student, the information can be distorted. The student typically has questions that the parent does not have answers to and the plan then either the student or parent has to go back and ask the teacher. Or, the perceptions of the teacher and student are different and the parent gets confused when the student explains a story that is different than the student. The parent is then in a "he said, she said' situation. Everyone's intentions are good, but the way that the event is structured, hinders the process.

In "student involved" conferences, the single most important person is directly involved in the discussion. The student, teacher and parent can share information and develop a plan that all three can support. While the discussion continues into the future, all parties were participants in the conference. This model seems to make so much more sense since the student is directly involved in the process and there is potential for a true partnership.

Term 1 reports will be out today so that you and your son/daughter can use them to prepare for the conference. Please keep the following in mind throughout the process. Conferences seem to be the most efficient and effective if they focus on these four major topics:

  1. What is the student able to do?
  2. What areas require further attention or skill development?
  3. What help or support does the student need to be successful?
  4. How is the student doing in relation to established learning standards for students in a similar age range or grade level? (Davies, 1996)

We look forward to seeing you on campus this coming Wednesday afternoon, Thursday or Friday. If you need the link to sign up for conferences please contact Juliana Karubi ( For help with technical issues please contact David Hunt (

Visiting Representative from US State Department and College Board

Next week we have a special visitor, a representative from the US Department of State's Office of Overseas Schools and the College Board, Diane McKoy. Diane is a Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Columbia University. She's been working in the admissions field for more than 30 years.

There will be two Student-Parent sessions where Diane will give some insight into higher education in the US. The first one will be on Monday, Nov. 5th from 06:00pm to 07:30pm at the Secondary Library. This session is open to all parents. Another session will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6th from 12:35pm to 01:10pm at the Secondary AV Theater. This session is specific for G10 and G11 and will focus on how parents and students can start preparing early for admissions into US Universities.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 3rd

  • TGO Career Fair
  • Nafasi Art Orphanage Trip
  • Cluster Workshop for Creative Arts

Monday, November 5th - 06:00pm to 07:30pm : Students - Parents Session with Diane McKoy about Higher Education in the US

Tuesday, November 6th - 12:35pm to 01:10pm : Students - Parents Session with Diane McKoy about preparing for admission into US Universities (G10 and G11)

Wed, Thu. and Fri, November 7th, 8th and 9th - Student Involved Conferences

Blair Peterson

Secondary Principal