From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

This Friday we successfully held a Lockdown Drill, teachers and all staff followed outlined procedures. The whole exercise took less than 15 minutes. These exercises help our students, teachers and staff to remember and follow appropriate safety protocols in case of an emergency event. On Tuesday we had the last Canteen Concert for this term, our learners got to have fun showing off their skills!

One of Our Learners Showing Off His Sax Skills

Ignite Music Festival

Next Saturday from 6pm we have the biggest music event at IST, the Ignite Music Festival. Please join us on the Secondary Campus's courtyard for a celebration of student talents and hard work! This is an all school event and parents are encouraged to attend.

Football and Volleyball Games

This Thursday, our volleyball teams faced off against Heroes, with both the Girls and Boys team coming out ahead. Our U15 football teams faced off against DIS, with G8 Boys losing 1 - 0, G9 Boys winning 4 - 0, and G8/9 Girls getting a 1 - 1 draw and a 2 - 1 win! This Saturday morning at 8am we'll have a Mini Volleyball tournament between IST, Juhudi and Tumbi. Please come support our young athletes this weekend. Go Twigas!

What does PSAT Stand For?

Grade 10 and 11 students will take the Preliminary SAT on Wednesday, October 10. Students do not need to study in advance and the tests are on Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. For US Citizens, the score on the test can qualify for National Merit Scholarships. This test serves as a practice test for the SAT which students take in grade 11 and 12. After the test students will either be in a session on personal project or DP.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 6 - Ignite Music Festival

Wednesday, October 10th - 08:00 am - PSAT grade 10 and 11

Friday, October 12th - 07:55 am - Secondary School Assembly

Upcoming Games

October 6 - 08:00 am - Volleyball Mini Tournament

Have an amazing week!

Blair Peterson

Secondary Principal