From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Last Saturday our Under 11 Girls and Boys Football teams took part in an end of season tournament at HOPAC. The teams all played very well and the girls came away with the champions trophy which was a great achievement. We will celebrate their success along with the boys' great efforts at the assembly on November 23.

During Friday's assembly the Student Action Council (SAC) presented their findings about recycling and how important it is for IST to come together and recycle as a community. To raise awareness and to increase accessibility, the SAC has ordered new recycling bins which will be located in student drop-off/pick-up area between gates 8/9. Additionally, the SAC has relocated the current recycling bins, from behind the library, to a more visible location. The bins are now located in the garden area near the grade 4 and 5 lunch area. As a community, everyone is encouraged to do their part in helping keep Dar es Salaam clean; bring your recyclables in, join the IST Recycling Drive! Please make sure to check the link for items that can and cannot be recycled in Dar es Salaam. Thanks for joining this movement and supporting the SACs vision of a cleaner environment and school. Stay tuned for information to be shared about an upcoming Waste Free picnic lunch day!

Our Students at this Morning's Assembly

On Thursday Afternoon a team of nearly 30 ES and SS swimmers left IST to take part in an International Gala at the International School of Kenya. We wish the team all the best and look forward to hearing their news on Monday.

National Novel Writing Month in Kindergarten

In celebration of National Novel Writing Month, the EC and KG classes have a few of their own events planned.

On Thursday the 8th of November, KG had the privilege of having an author and illustrator of a newly published book come to school and read to them. The book is called Hide and Seek Hippo and was written by Melissa Valente and illustrated by Lauren Patterson.

It is such a wonderfully inspirational experience for children to be read to by an author of a book and to be able to ask questions, we are doubly lucky to have the illustrator with us as well.

On Friday, The EC/KG classes got together for a morning of drawing. They were free to choose from many experiences from drawing shadows and making a drawing tree to observational drawings and treasure maps.

School Photographs

The School Photographer has been taking individual and class photos all week. These are the next steps for parents:

By 16th November - forms go to parents

By 23rd November - forms and money should be returned to school

By 7th December - photos delivered to parents

All should be finalised before the December break.

Next Week

Grade 4 Bagamoyo Overnight Trips
In September the Grade 5 Students enjoyed three nights away in Mikumi. Next week it is the turn of Grade 4 who go to Bagamoyo to learn about the history of this old port town. We hope they all have a great experience.

Tuesday Nov. 13: 7.15am Parent Workshop: Words Their Way Spelling Programme
Alefiyah Aamjee and Mike Mansell will explain the new Spelling programme which has been introduced across all ES classes this term.

NFI Conference at IST
IST is honoured to be hosting the New Frontier Inclusion (NFI) Conference November 15-17, 2018. The conference brings together international educators from around the world, and parents/students from the IST community to examine the methodologies, structures and tools that make an inclusive school. Over the course of the weekend, the IST community will develop specific actions for the next steps of development along the inclusion journey. There are more than 40 IST educators involved in the three day conference.

Prior to the conference, Kristen Pelletier, will be presenting an informational session to parents on Inclusion in International Schools. She will be explaining the benefits of inclusion of all students, the multi-tier of instruction and co-teaching models used at IST. Please join her at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, 13 November in the Secondary School library.

Calendar for the Week

Date Event Location Time
Mon, 12 - Thurs. 15 November Grade 4 Bagamoyo Trips Bagamoyo
Tues. November 13 Parent Workshop: Words Their Way (Spelling Programme)
Community Room

Tues. November 13 Parent Workshop: Inclusion in International Schools Secondary School Library 6pm
Fri. November 16 No School (NFI Conference and other PD for teachers)

Other Important Information

Fridays: Any IST Shirt Day

For the rest of this year we would like Fridays to be the day that any IST shirt can be worn: This can be usual uniform top, PE top, 55 Anniversary Top, IST Got's Talent top, Football Team top, Swim team Top. Children have many special IST tops, let's wear them on Fridays. Every other day of the week: usual school uniform please!

Remaining Parent Workshops for Semester 1: Tuesdays at 7.15am in the Community Room

  • November 13: Words Their Way: Spelling Programme (Alefiyah Adamjee and Mike Mansell)
  • November 20: Parent Workshop: How to help your child excel in an additional language (Mike Mansell and Pearl Baretto)(*Depending on the Maulid Holiday)
  • November 27: Instilling Positive Body Image (Counsellors)
  • December 4: Good Goodbyes (Counsellors)

Tony Breese