From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Mikumi 2018

The first Grade 5 class (5RJ) left IST at 6am on Wednesday morning for their Field Trip to Mikumi. Ths children spend three nights in the National Park and as well as viewing the animals they have a day working and playing with students at Mikumi Primary School as well as going on a day's hike at Udzungwa Waterfall. Wishing all Grade 5 classes a memorable adventure.

New Book Extravaganza

Last week was our New Book Extravaganza in the library. Students spent Monday-Thursday browsing books, writing down their favourites, and begging to be allowed to borrow "just one book!" The books went up for grabs Friday morning and it was pretty wild from 6:40-7:15. Students came flying into the library to get their favourite, huffing and puffing! Each student was allowed just one new book on Friday, and by 7:15 am, over 150 books had been checked out. We were right around 400 by the end of the day. It was so much fun to see how excited our readers are here at IST! What a great day!

Our Young Readers at the Extravaganza

Parents and Children Enjoying Their New Books At This Friday's Read In Assembly

After School Activities

ASAs have got off to a great start. There are 74 different activities happening throughout the week. This is such an important element of our school life for both students and teachers and it's great to be offering so many, varied activities.

After School Music Lessons
With Principal Tony
Future Handball Champs

Wheelie Wednesday

Wheelie Wednesday was the initiative of three Grade 5 students three years ago. The activity lives on and is overseen by Mr. Mansell as well as some Grade 5 students. Helmets must be worn and no bikes are allowed.

Our Young Riders Having Fun, Responsibly

Next Week

Parent Workshop: Seesaw for IST Families - 11th September, 7.15am Staffroom

We hope that all parents are now connected to their child's Seesaw journal. This coming Tuesday, 11th September at 7:15am, we invite you to attend an information session for parents regarding the use of Seesaw at IST.

You will find out:

* why and how your child is using Seesaw for learning

* how your family can access your child's Seesaw journal

* how you can support your child using Seesaw

Returning families - this workshop is an adapted version of last year's Seesaw for IST Families workshop, but please feel free to join us!

Siku Ya Furaha

Next Friday we are celebrating Siku Ya Furaha (Day of Happiness). We will be having a whole school assembly and sampling a number of cultural activities for two periods after the assembly. Wearing traditional costume or the colours of Tanzania is highly encouraged for all. September is Tanzanian Cultural Heritage Month and this is the way we are celebrating the culture of Tanzania at Elementary School.

Measures of Academic Performance (MAP)

Students in Grades 3,4 and 5 will be taking the Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) during the next two weeks. Grades 3 and 4 are testing next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Grade 5 are testing over the next two weeks depending on their Mikumi dates. Please read the MAP letter here for more information.


The ES Choir for Grades 3-5 will be running every Wednesday morning from 6.45am to 7.20am in the music room starting next Wednesday September 12. The choir will be preparing to sing at Ignite in October and at the Whole School International Day in November. For those who have signed up for this Before School Activity (not on CHQ) please encourage your child to come along every Wednesday on time. We appreciate it makes an even earlier start to the day but it's going to be great fun!

Beyond Next Week

ES School Musical

The 2019 ES Musical was announced yesterday in Assembly. The Golden Ticket will take place on February 28, March 1 and 2 2019. Please note this is the Thursday, Friday, Saturday before the March break. If there is any chance that your child would like to take part (Grades 2-5) please don't book a holiday to leave on the Friday evening or Saturday!

Grade 4-5 Ski Trip to Saas-Grund Switzerland

We are very excited to share news of a potential Grade 4-5 Ski Trip this academic year to Saas-Grund Switzerland, from 2-9th March, 2018 (March break). Please note that these dates coincide with the school musical performances so your child will need to make a choice. We appreciate that it is unfortunate that these two exciting school events coincide, but there were many things to consider in choosing dates and the crossover was sadly unavoidable. At this point and time we are simply gathering interest from potential students who would be keen to attend. If you feel that this would be an experience that your child may be interested in then please email me on We will be holding a parent information session later this month on Monday 24th September at 7:20 am in the elementary staffroom. If you are unable to attend the presentation will be shared via email. This will be an amazing opportunity for our elementary students to experience EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom).

Parent Workshops: Tuesdays at 7.15am in the Staffroom

* September 11: Seesaw: Online Communication Platform:

* September 18: Early Years Programme

* September 25: Principal's Coffee: Community Engagement

* October 2: English Language Learners

* October 9: Concept Based Maths

* October 23: Child Protection

* October 30: No Parent Workshop

* November 6: Principal's Coffee: ASAs at IST Elementary

* November 13: Words Their Way: Spelling Programme

* November 20: The Additional Language Programme at IST

Calendar for the Week

Date Event Location Time
Tues, Wed, Thurs MAP Testing. Grades 3, 4 and 5 Homerooms Various
Tues, Sept. 11 Parent Workshop: Seesaw - Sarah Hodgson Staffroom 7:15 - 8:00am
Fri, Sept. 14 Siku ya Furaha Assembly MPH 7:20 - 8:00am


Tony Breese