New PE Kit Reminder

Dear Families and Community Members,

Thank you for all of your efforts to come in and buy new PE kit. Hopefully, you will agree that it is a better looking and more functional shirt for our students. If you have any comments, please contact me directly and I will get back to you with responses.

It is worth noting that we no longer stock the PE shirts on site and therefore have to order. If you need a shirt mid-year, please contact me and we can get those sent to IST. There will also be three other times throughout the year when the shirts will be bought onto campus for purchasing - Friday 26th October; Friday 11th January; and Friday 15th March.

If you have not managed to buy a shirt yet, I am asking all PE teachers to ask students to say what size they would like and whether it is a round-neck or v-neck shirt. We will then place an order and have them delivered to school ready to be picked up with payment on 20,000tsh/shirt.

Many thanks,