News from the IST Board

As announced earlier, four new volunteers were elected and two returning members were re-elected to the IST Board at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board held their orientation meeting on June 2nd and appointed the executive committee as well as conveners for the other four committees. For 2018-19, the Board structure is:

  • Stina Haldorsen - Chair
  • Sona Shah - Vice Chair
  • Lauren Ladenson - Secretary
  • Jose Nunes - Treasurer and Convener of the Finance Committee
  • Priscila Izar - Convener of the Education Committee
  • Naomi Brown - Convener of the Governance Committee
  • Hiran Sumanaweera - Convener of the Building and Facilities Committee
  • Tingret Yirdaw
  • Kalpesh Mehta
  • Gunnar Coffman
  • Amadou Diop
  • Malin Idvall

Thank you to these parent volunteers for serving these important roles.