An Alumnus Visits IST

This Wednesday, we got a visit from one of our alumni, Mr Suranjan Magesvaran. As President of Proctor and Gamble (Africa and Asia Pacific Region) Mr. Suran was visiting the company's branch in Tanzania when his colleagues decided to light up his day with a surprise visit to his former school, having been a student at IST from 1978-1981. In a brief reception with the School's Principal and Vice Principal, he recounted how he loved the library and reading books, how he would hide books he wanted to borrow when he had reached his daily limit!

Mr. Suran Conversing with Principal Tony and Vice Principal Maggie

Mr. Suran Taking a Selfie at The Library

After the reception, he was invited to a grade 4 class, for a short interview session. It was inspiring for the 4th graders to see how far alumni from IST could go, and it was rewarding for Mr. Suran to inspire a young generation to follow their dreams. The "interview" went like this:

Mr. Suran Getting Interviewed by 4th Graders

Toby: When did you decide to go into business?

Mr. Suran: After Secondary School.

Toby: Why?

Mr. Suran: Well it seemed like fun, I really liked monopoly, you guys play monopoly?

4th Graders: Yeees!

Mr. Suran: So business is like a monopoly game in real life, so I decided to do it for real.

Aaliyah: You've got some children?

Mr. Suran: Yes, I have three boys, two are in university, one is in 9th grade.

Abu-Salim: How old are you?

Mr. Suran: 49, this Friday.

Whole Class: Happy Birthday!!

Mr. Suran: Thank You!

Principal Tony: What advice do you like to leave our learners with, based on your life in business?

Mr. Suran: Those who work the hardest and keep trying will always succeed. You don't have to be the best, you just have to be the best at trying, keep trying and eventually you'll be the best at what you do.

The visit was a learning opportunity for 4th graders. It showed them a glimpse into what IST alumni could become, as well as being an inspiration for them to keep working toward their dreams.