When IST closes this June, we will be saying goodbye to several teachers and school leaders who will be moving on at the end of the school year. As individuals and collectively, these teachers and school leaders have made tremendous contributions to benefit student learning at IST. If you get the chance over the coming months, please thank them for their work and wish them well in their next endeavour.

Senior Team

Tom Triller, Director of Teaching and Learning Kristine Greenlaw, Secondary Vice Principal Glenn Davies, Elementary Vice Principal
Trixie Siemens, Secondary Vice Principal Debra Backlund, Business Communications


Erin Baugher

Adam Batty

Ryan Bollhorn

Joyce Bolyard

Natalie Cantini

Brad Carson

Anna Chandler

Alex Collins

Vikki Collins

Tabitha Davis

Marianne Davies

Vanessa De Carvalho

Daniel Fahy

Daniel Flynn

Cyrille Girardin

Gary Hartel

Laura Hartel

Natalie Kober

Yuki Koyama

Ruth O'Connell

Courtney Park

Jonathan Park

Malina Patel

Sandra Perdomo

Louise Perera

Tammy Roelse

Isabelle Seigneur

Tami Triller

Keegan Vance

Vanessa Vanek

Mentzia Van der Linde

Vivienne Verschuren

Robyn Wood

Thank you for your contributions to the school!