Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Activities Overview

Beginning in Grade 1, students have the chance to participate in a wide variety of after school activities (ASA) through the extraordinary ASA programmes on both campuses.

Students have the chance to compete with others around the world, within Africa, within Tanzania or just set their own personal goals which they'd like to achieve in an area outside of, but often complimentary to, subjects covered in the classroom.

students working on after school project

Creative Pursuits

Music, drama, fine arts, writing, photography, videography, robotics, Tinga Tinga painting and Tanzanian drumming are just a few of the many opportunities students have to practice creative approaches to problem solving, expression and communication.

ist drama performance in the evening

Sports and Athletics

Students can choose from a wide range of sports and athletics after school activities.

One of IST's core values is balance, and physical fitness is an important part of helping students maintain balance in pursuing the academic demands of the school day.

In addition to encouraging sports for recreation, we offer students the option to participate in organised athletic competitions either solo or as a team through international and national events.

IST is a proud member of the International Schools of Souther and Eastern Africa organisation (ISSEA). More information about the group can be found here.

track and field team warming up

Service Initiatives

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service ) is a programme mandated by the International Baccalaureate for the successful completion of the Diploma Programme.

Over the years, IST’s teachers (including Primary and Middle Years teachers) have taken the service aspect of that mandate and created a programme around service learning that supports students while they learn to work with others and with communities thoughtfully, respectfully and compassionately to create positive change.

The service aspect of IST’s CAS programme is supported at all levels of the school beginning with a school policy which defines and outlines the goals of the programme. Students are further supported with leadership training opportunities as well as hands-on skills development in areas such as time, resource and event management.

community service project at ist
discussing giving back to the community of tanzania
gymnastics at ist
after school apps event at ist

The International School of Tanganyika is a proud member of / accredited by these organisations:


Child protection is extremely important. IST’s Child Protection Policy (Section 7.15 >>) together with procedures to verify the previous employment for new job applicants is part of our commitment to ensure all members of the IST community are informed and educated regarding symptoms of child abuse for the protection of all of our students.