The PYP at IST

From Early Childhood (age 3) to Grade 5 students follow the inquiry-based, concept-driven Primary Years Programme (PYP) from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). IST has been authorized since May 2000 to offer the PYP.

Our goal is to create an environment where young students understand the interconnectedness (trans-disciplinary aspect) of big ideas while grasping the essential elements (concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes, action) that will form the foundation for future learning.

international baccalaureate primary years IB program

The Curriculum

The PYP stresses the importance of determing the existing knowledge that students bring to new experiences in order to allow children the opportunity to make connections between their previous and current perceptions. An overview of the IST Elementary curriculum is provided in the Parent Handbook >>.

primary school students holding up children's books

Five Essential Elements

The five essential elements—concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes, action—are incorporated into the PYP framework, so that students are given the opportunity to:

  • gain knowledge that is relevant and of global significance
  • develop an understanding of concepts, which allows them to make connections throughout their learning
  • acquire transdisciplinary and disciplinary skills
  • develop attitudes that will lead to international-mindedness
  • take action as a consequence of their learning.


IST offers an incredible breadth of opportunities to students allowing them to achieve according to their interests. Whether your child is an aspiring athlete, accomplished musician, budding scientist or passionate advocate for the underdog, they'll find support and inspiration to take on new challenges in our exceptionally diverse community.


Elementary Campus: In Pictures

The International School of Tanganyika is proud to be accredited by / a member of these respected organisations:

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Child protection is extremely important. IST’s Child Protection Policy (Section 7.15 >>) together with procedures to verify the previous employment for new job applicants is part of our commitment to ensure all members of the IST community are informed and educated regarding symptoms of child abuse for the protection of all of our students.

Welcome to IST Elementary

Tony Breese
tony breese elementary school principal
Maggie Hewitt
Vice Principal
maggie hewitt vice principal of ist elementary
Director of Teaching and Learning
thomas triller director of teaching and learning ist
PYP Coordinator
mike mansel pyp coordinator at ist
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Office Secretary
marystella kaombwe office secretary
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Office Secretary
sarah daniel office secretary
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Admissions Officer
linda vaz admissions officer