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What does it mean to be a parent at IST?

IST is a parent governed, independent, non-profit school. Parents are expected to actively participate in their child's education. Throughout the school year, there'll be parent workshops and more events to provide opportunities for parents to work with the IST community. Parents can serve on the Board, and volunteer in the Elementary (EPN) and Secondary (SPN) Parent Networks, where they can serve as guest speakers, class parents, and grade-level representatives.

Parent Networks (EPN & SPN)
The Elementary Parents Network (EPN) and the Secondary Parents Network (EPN) are groups made up of parent volunteers that operate on each campus. They usually meet once a month, with the exact dates and time announced in the Weekly Bulletin and posted on their respective Facebook groups.
These parents work with teachers, the student council, and other parents to help organize a variety of events, and give advice or assistance where needed.

EPN Facebook Group
SPN Facebook Group

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Rippa Rugby during the ES Sports Weekend, circa 2019

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Child protection is extremely important. IST’s Child Protection Policy (Section 7.15 >>) together with procedures to verify the previous employment for new job applicants is part of our commitment to ensure all members of the IST community are informed and educated regarding symptoms of child abuse for the protection of all of our students.