IST Helps Graduates Pave the Way to a Bright Future

How Neechi Mosha Carved His Path to Success

Neechi Mosha ist graduate paves way to bright future

Mr. Neechi Mosha exemplifies how IST alumni become successful, accomplished professionals. After his graduation from IST, he received a full-ride scholarship to Harvard University, then went to Duke for medical school and then to MIT for his MBA.

He is currently transitioning careers from healthcare consulting into healthcare technology. He lives comfortably with his fiancée in Oakland.

According to Mr. Neechi, it was his time at IST that truly helped pave the way for his bright future. He referenced the experience of working so closely with such a diverse student body, saying it gave him a strong sense of international-mindedness.

“It mimics what you find on a diverse college campus.”

How the community, action, service programme helped Mr. Neechi

Our Community, Action, Service (CAS) programme, according to Mr. Neechi, was another beneficial part of his schooling and was what triggered his love of medicine.

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An experience that stood out to Mr. Neechi was when he had the chance to work with kids and teens from a school dedicated to youth with disabilities in Dar Es Salaam. They used “aqua therapy” to provide the youth with mobility through water polo and swimming in our campus pool.

“This experience taught me the importance of holistic therapy, and how what goes on outside of traditional medicine can sometimes be just as important as the hard work that doctors do in clinics and hospitals.”

What IST alumni enjoy the most about our school

When asked about his highlights, Mr. Neechi was quick to reference the friendships he made.

“The best part of my experience at IST was undoubtedly the relationships I formed and people I grew up with, from the teachers and the guidance counselor I still visit when I return to Tanzania today (14 years later), to the lifelong friends I have made,” Mr. Neechi said. “I am really grateful to have met them.”

He thanked the hard work and dedication of staff members who helped shape the man he has become, including Mr. Rustad, Ms. Lukumbuzya, Mrs. Swash, Mr. Getter and Mr. Van de Ven.

As soon as graduation came, Mr. Neechi was prepared for whatever life would throw his way. He was now en route to Harvard where the campus size, the actual coursework and the sense of independence all came as a shock.

“These were challenges I eventually overcame as everyone does, but it’s important that kids graduating know that it’s not going to be easy starting out.”

Though it was difficult, Mr. Neechi credits both our IB and CAS Programmes as what helped him overcome the challenges presented in university.

“Doing thesis work for our Extended Essay, taking leadership roles in community service activities, studying biodiversity in the Pare Mountains with our Biology teacher were all preparatory for the types of experiences we would have in college.”

What Mr. Neechi did after IST and Harvard

Once he graduated from Harvard, he gained admission to Duke’s Medical School, an impressive feat.

“I developed a strong interest in healthcare technology, and ultimately decided to pursue a career in business, aiming to use my background and experiences with technology to improve life for patients, and work for healthcare providers.”

After graduating from medical school, he wasn’t done with his education yet, gaining admission to MIT for his MBA.

“It was here that I learned about all of the opportunities to contribute to the world of healthcare beyond purely focusing on patient care, and all of it still excites me today,” Mr. Neechi said.

From MIT, he spent two years at The Boston Consulting Group learning how different stakeholders within healthcare think. He is now making the move to a small startup, Clarify Health, who uses advanced analytics to provide better care for patients.

“I’m really excited to take on a more product-focused role.”

His advice to other students at IST

When asked what advice he would like to give our students approaching graduation, he stressed the importance of doing something you’re truly passionate about, no matter what anyone says.

“Of course, taking advice is critical in life and you can’t do anything alone, but you have to be really honest with yourself and understand what it is you want or need from your personal and professional lives, and go for that. No one but you can really know what that is!”

When it comes to Mr. Neechi’s passions, he thanks the school for giving him the start he needed to build the future he is proud of.

“My hope is that one day if I’m successful, I will have the ability to help others attend primary and secondary schools like IST, that enable them to begin to pursue and realize their wildest dreams, whatever they may be.”

When Mr. Neechi walked across our graduation stage in 2004, it was a walk laced with utter excitement and a little sprinkle of fear. 

“I feared the unknown, but I was equally excited by this. I knew that in college I would grow my network of friends, expand my horizons of what I could aspire to become, and learn a great deal about the world and my place in it.”

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