Networking after Graduation | Ways to Leverage IST Alumni Network

IST alumni sit together

When choosing a school, it’s common to evaluate the quality of academics, the layout and overall look of the facilities, the calibre of the faculty and the approach to developing the whole child, but what sometimes falls under the radar is the strength of the alumni network. 

The moment an individual walks across that stage and is handed their diploma, the skills they acquired, the memories they made and the people they met all help them become successful global citizens well equipped for the next step of their lives. But something tangible, something that they can always lean on to give them direction and even take the next step in their career is the alumni network.

A strong network presents numerous benefits, it creates a community in which you’ll always be part of. Specifically, there are four advantages. 

1. Re-Connecting with Fellow Graduates

As mentioned above, an alumni network creates a community of like-minded people. Through the online society, you’ll be able to find and reminisce with fellow graduates, see what they’ve been up to and stay in touch.  

2. Giving Back to the Community

Joining your alumni network also gives you the chance to give back to the school which fostered a community-oriented environment, rich in service learning opportunities. 

You can offer to act as a mentor to graduating students as this is a stressful time where they may be unsure of the right next step. You can hear them out, offer advice and be a helpful hand in making graduating a little less intimidating. Maybe you even have employment opportunities and can help introduce students to the right people. Or perhaps, you want to offer advice to an entire class of IST students through volunteering to become a guest speaker

Whatever it is you're wanting to do, you’ll be able to find opportunities on the IST Alumni Network.

3. Expanding your Professional Network 

With an average IB Diploma score of 33.3 at IST over the past six years - three points above the world’s average - and graduates matriculating to world-renowned universities and colleges, the alumni network gives you access to influential people. Establishing rapport with these individuals can drastically expand your professional network. 

Leverage your social circle to get introduced to people you should know and who should know you.

4. Advancing your Career

Once you engage with your alumni network and have had the opportunity to expand your professional connections, career opportunities could present themselves.

IST alumni are working in the top industries - in executive positions - around the world. Through networking opportunities, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with these individuals and ask them about their career gaining valuable insight. With these connections, you may even have the chance to advance your career. 

The IST community is one of vibrancy and of camaraderie. Our IST Alumni Network fully integrates with social channels and cultivates a culture of helping and giving back. The system allows you to re-connect with old classmates as well as enables you to utilize the trusted school community to expand your professional network. Click the link below to join today! 

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