A Family Legacy at the International School of Tanganyika

IST Legacy Family

Since 1986, the Jivani family have been an integral part of the IST community.

Mr. Nizar, originally from Tanzania, and his wife who comes from Belgium, saw the IB curriculum as one that would greatly benefit their daughter Ms. Anise.

Once Ms. Anise was enrolled, Mr. Nizar wanted to have greater involvement in the school community, so he became a Board member. 

“I found a lot of things [I could help improve] in the administration of the school and I wanted to give my personal expertise,” Mr. Nizar said. “It was a gratifying experience on how the school was managed.”

In May of 1994, Ms. Anise graduated from IST. She embarked on an exciting journey well equipped with a strong education.

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She enrolled in Les Roche Hotel Management School in Bluche, Switzerland and then attended Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta.

After finishing school in Calgary, Ms. Anise made her way back to Tanzania as that was where her family was. And once she had children of her own, she knew exactly where she wanted them to attend school. 

She was highly motivated by her own experience at IST, the quality of education she received, the resources, facilities and the IB Programme.

A picture of IST's legacy family - 3 generations

Eight-year-old Khairaan joined Grade 1 in January of 2018 and her youngest Teah, 6-years-old, joined Kindergarten in August of 2018.

And with the enrollment of her children, Ms. Anise created a legacy. 

Similar to her father, once her children were enrolled, she also wanted to get involved; she joined the Elementary Parent Network to give back to the school community. 

“[I wanted] to be able to assist and give my time to the school and be the voice link between the parents and the school.”

According to Ms. Anise, both the school and Tanzania are vastly different from when she was a student.

“The education has changed to betterment [the students] and evolving with time to keep up with today’s world,” Ms. Anise said. 

To the school that has helped her become the person she is today, she said the following.

“Thank you for making me and my family part of the IST family and we wish to celebrate many more years together.”

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