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18th April 2019
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School Wide News

Both, the Elementary School and Secondary School pool will be closed for use on the following days; 19th, 22nd, and 26th April. Both pools will be open from 10 am - 4 pm on all other days over the Easter break.

The Secondary Campus will be fumigated for mosquitoes on Sunday, 28th April. Parents, students and staff should not use the fields and facilities until Monday morning.

Please click the link below to view the New Hires Yearbook. This is a compilation of bios of new teachers who'll be starting during the 2019/20 school year.

Joe Seavey, Athletics Director for the Secondary School shares some words of thanks to host families who helped with the ISSEA STEM event. Please click the link below to read in detail.

This year, the elections for the Board of Governors will be conducted online. Every parent will be receiving an individual ballot directly to their email account to allow them to participate in the election. Please click the link below to find out how you can update your email with the school.

Elementary News

From the Principal's Desk
Tony Breese talks about the Juggling Show, Student-led conferences and more. Please click the link below for detailed information about these events and other important upcoming events.

Elementary Campus ASA Website
The Elementary Campus ASA Website is a mini site that neatly tracks and summarises all the ASAs going on at the Elementary Campus. Please click the link below for more information about the site.

Secondary News

From the Principal's Desk
Blair Peterson, IST's Secondary Principal, talks about G12 leavers and the upcoming IB exams. Please click the link below to read in detail.

Final Music Instrument Recital (5th May 2019)
The IST Music Department presents the Final Music Instrument Recital. The event will take place on Sunday, May 5th, 2019. Please click the link below for more information about this event.

Secondary End of Year Assembly
The Secondary School invites you to celebrate the end of a great school year. The End of Year Assembly will take place at the MPH, on June 14th, 2019, from 8 am - 9am.

Community News and Events

Easter Break Camp
During this April's One week break, Dar-es-salaam Talent Club will be organizing exciting activities for our young learners. Please click the link below if you're interested.

International Jazz Day Concert - 30th April
On the 30th of April,in celebration of the International Jazz Day, Dar Es Salaam will host its first International Jazz Day concert. Please click the link below to find out more details about this event.



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