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08th February 2019
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School Wide News

On Wednesday, February 13th, Dr. Jane Goodall will be visiting our ES campus as part of the Roots and Shoots event. Please click the link below to learn more about this trip and Roots and Shoots.

On Saturday this week, there will be no lifeguard on duty in the Secondary Pool. If you wish to use the pool, please sign and collect the sign at the main gate. Swimming will be at your own risk.

IST will be hosting 7 ISSEA member schools for the STEM Championships from April 10th to 14th. We need help! We are looking for families to host our visitors. Please click the link below to find out how you can help.

On February 27th, Grade 10 students will show off their projects in an exhibition style set up with students explaining their work over the past 8 months. Please click the link below for more information on this event.

Elementary News

From the Principal's Desk
Tony Breese talks about this Friday's Swim Gala, the upcoming Friendship Week and Dr. Jane Goodall's visit. Please click the link below for detailed information about these events and other important upcoming events.

Friendship and Kindness Week
Friendship and kindness week is almost here (February 11-15)! The SAC is excited to share the week's events within our school and the local community. Please click the link below to find out what they have in store for us!

Save the Date: ES Musical - The Golden Ticket!
The date is set for the Elementary School Musical; The Golden Ticket! Please click the link below to view the play's schedule and when tickets will go on sale.

IST Sports Weekend Announcement
IST will be hosting a sports weekend at the Elementary Campus in May. We'll have guests from schools all around East Africa. Please click the link for more information about this event.

Elementary Campus ASA Website
The Elementary Campus ASA Website is a mini site that neatly tracks and summarises all the ASAs going on at the Elementary Campus. Please click the link below for more information about the site.

Secondary News

From the Principal's Desk
Blair Peterson, IST's Secondary Principal, talks about the importance of learning outside the classroom. Please click the link below to read in detail.

No Secondary ASAs During the 11-15th Week of February
During the ESP week, there will be no After School Activities on the Secondary campus. All activities will start again on Monday, February 18th.

Grade 10 Personal Project Highlights 2019
This week we highlight Sarah's musical theatre project and Muhammed's project which focuses on making furniture out of recycled materials. Please click the link below to find out more about these Grade 10 personal project.

From Counseling - Summer Enrichment Programs 2019
This is a brief list of some programs available for secondary students to participate in during summer break to help them explore their interests. Please click the link below to view it.

Community News and Events

Teen Girls Organisation (TGO) T-Shirts
This year, the Teen Girls Organization is raising funds for a home care project for the disabled. Please click the link below to find out how you can help them.



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