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31st August 2018
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Looking for Social Innovators to Mentor/Coach IST Students
IST is organising a team of high school students to participate in the Diamond Challenge through the University of Delaware. We need social innovators to help mentor the IST team. Please click the link below to find out more about the challenge and how you can help.

An Alumnus Visits IST
This Wednesday we got a visit from one of our alumni who was at IST from 1978 to 1981. He got a chance to tour the school and talk to 4th graders. Please click the link below to find out more about this visit.

From the Director of Teaching and Learning: MAP Tests
In the last few weeks, IST has been busy getting the infrastructure ready for the new MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing system. The results from this test will help classroom teachers personalise your child's learning, as it is one indication of where a student's skill development is on the continuum. Tina Fossgreen, Director of Teaching and Learning details important information about next week's MAP (Measures of Academic Progress). Please click link below to find out more about MAP the testing and schedules.

International Day - 2nd November, 2018
In Celebration of 55 years of Challenging, Supporting and Inspiring we'll be holding a joint International Day, involving both campuses. Please follow link below to find out more information about the event and how you can help.

Elementary News

From the Principal's Desk
Tony Breese talks about the MAP workshop and Open House event that took place this week. He also details important information about the ES Choir, Seesaw for Families and the ES School Musical. Please click the link below for detailed information.

From the ICT Office: Seesaw for Families
The Seesaw journal is a way for you to keep track of your child's academic progress. Over the next few days, you will be receiving an email from your child's homeroom teacher that contains an invitation for you to connect to your child's Seesaw journal. Please click the link below for more information.

From The PYP Coordinator: Wheelie Wednesday
Next Wednesday, September 5th, will be the first Wheelie Wednesday of the year. Please click link below to find out about what your children can and cannot bring, and what the rules are.

Secondary News

From the Principal's Desk
Blair Peterson, IST's Secondary Principal, recounts the Open House event that happened this week. He also talks about the upcoming University fair and ManageBac event for parents. some events that are to come on the following weeks. please click the link below for a detailed account.

From Counselling - UK University Visit
Representatives from UK University will visit IST Campus on September 6th. Please click the link below to find out the schedule as well as which Universities are represented this year.

Grade 12 Student Self-Publishes Her First Novel
Hazel Kevlihan, a grade 12 student has published her first novel, Two Lies and A Diamond. It's a contemporary young adult novel with a twist of the fantastical, perfect for anyone twelve and up. Please click link below for more information about the book, where to view and where to buy it.

Community News and Events

Saturday Soccer Training
Saturday Soccer Training starts this Saturday, it's the perfect opportunity for your child to enhance his/her soccer skills. Please click the link below to find out how your child can join.




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