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9th March 2018
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Transitions: Thank You For Your Contributions to IST!
When IST closes this June, we will be saying goodbye to several teachers and school leaders who will be moving on at the end of the school year. As individuals and collectively, these teachers and school leaders have made tremendous contributions to benefit student learning at IST. If you get the chance over the coming months, please thank them for their work and wish them well in their next endeavor.

Early Alert: Re-enrolment for 2018-19 Will Open March 16th
Please check your email inbox on March 16th for complete information regarding the procedures for re-enrolment for the coming school year. All families whose children will continue their enrolment at IST in the new school year will need to complete the re-enrolment form and pay the $1,000 re-enrolment fee for each child before April 5th in order to secure a place for their child(ren). If your family will be moving, you will also have the chance to indicate on the re-enrolment form that you do not wish to re-enrol for 2018-19. Thank you all in advance for your help in completing the re-enrolment process for the new school year (the first day of school will be Wednesday, August 15th, 2018).

Invitation to Open Forum for Parents: March 14th, 7pm, Secondary Library
Earlier this year, we highlighted our school wide goals for this academic year. As part of our efforts to keep our community well informed, we would like to invite parents to a presentation on March 14th at 7 pm in the Secondary School library hosted by Dr Mark Hardeman, Director. Read more below including a link to RSVP.

News from the Board
Parents who are interested in becoming an IST Board member can contact the Board Vice Chair, Sona Shah, for further details. Also, mark your calendar, the next Board Meeting will be held on March 15th and the Board Open Forum will be held on April 11th. Read below for complete details.

Author Tanya Crossman: Two Opportunities for Parents to Meet
Leaving parents are invited to a talk by Tanya Crossman on Saturday, April 7th (registration is required and attendance is limited to parents whose children are leaving IST this year). Tanya will also give another talk which all IST parents may attend on Tuesday, April 3rd. Tanya is the author of Misunderstood: The Impact of Growing Up Overseas in the 21st Century. Follow link for more information.

Kanengo Diallo: CAS, Crafting Futures
Imagine this: you are an award winning author with a drive to bring a love of and skill for the arts to all students in Tanzania. Where would you begin?

IST Elementary: Recycling Award Winners
The Elementary Campus team has received an award from The Recycler for their work in sorting items with the intent to maximize our efforts to recycle materials. For those who are new to IST, the school partnered with The Recycler a few years ago to empower our community with the means to recycle plastic, glass and papers products.


Elementary News

From the Elementary Principal's Desk
This week, Tony talks about this morning Grades 2 and 3 assembly where they performed a variety of instrumental and vocal pieces in their music concert. It was an excellent presentation which highlighted the musical skills learned during class. He also highlights important events such as book swap, bake sale, ASA assembly and parents workshops and shares the calendar of events and advance notices. Follow link for more.

IST Elementary Book Swap Day
To further promote and foster the love of reading and sharing, we are holding our first annual "Elementary Book Swap Day!" If you are interested in helping please contact: Mr. L., Samara Hull-, Sima Mittal, Nazia Lalji For more information follow link below.


Secondary News

From the Secondary Principal's Desk
Blair shares information on the Secondary Campus' plans for all students to bring their own laptops (BYOL), the importance of student using meta-cognitive skills at April's student-led conferences, the administrative restructuring process that we are working on for 2018 and much more. He also talks about the coming events before school closes for the two week break such as musical recital, TEDx Youth @ Upanga, the grade 12 Student Involved Conferences, IST's Open Forum, the Diploma Program Visual Arts and Design Tech exhibit and several football matches. Follow link for more.

Announcement from the Arts Department
A lot going in the Arts Department next week!Please follow link to view timetable and other announcements

Daily Bulletin for Secondary Students
At IST Secondary, we want students to develop the skills of time management, planning and organising. The school shares a Daily Bulletin with students to help them keep track of important upcoming events and deadlines. To help parents support their children as they develop these skills, we are also sharing a link to the same Daily Bulletin with parents through this article for quick reference.


Community News and Events

Week of the Francophonie March 18-25
Week of the Francophonie March 18-25. For more information please communicate directly with l'Alliance Française if you have any questions ( ).





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