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17th November 2017
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All IST News

IST Family Fun Fair
Please join us for the IST Family Fun Fair, 18th November at Secondary from 10 am to 4 pm. Proceeds benefit Fund a Child.

IST Open Days: Invitation to Prospective Families
Current IST parents are encouraged to share this invitation with others whom they know who would like to know more about the IST learning experience. Parents and guardians who are considering IST for their families can register to attend one or both Open Days by visiting

IST's Calendar for 2018-19
The Board approved the school calendar for 2018-19 at the November Board meeting. The calendar for the coming school year can be downloaded through the link above.

TGO: Computer Donation Drive
IST's Teen Girls Organization (TGO) is an award winning, student led initiative started more than four years ago by students at IST Secondary. The organization is running a computer donation drive to benefit a local girls school. Contact Selina or Mathilde to find out more, or bring your donation (in working order) to the IST Secondary IT Office!


Elementary News

From the Principal's Desk
This week, Tony shares his views about a wonderful Grade 3 Business Fair held in the MPH earlier this week. The event transformed the space into a wonderful market of recycled products and enterprising services. He also talks about school photos, The weekend's Fun Fair, sports, Break Time Juggling Club Update and a summary calendar of upcoming events.

From Elementary Swimming Department - Nairobi
Our swimmers performed very well at the swim meet in Nairobi which took place on November 10th and 11th. Despite the cooler temperatures and higher altitude the girls placed 2nd and the boys placed 8th. These combined scores put IST in 2nd place overall! We are very proud of our IST Twiga swimmers.

Grades 1 and 2 participation in Seussical
This year's Elementary Musical is 'Seussical'! It is a musical that features a few of Dr. Seuss' popular books and many of those loveable characters! Auditions and rehearsals have already started with grades 3 to 5. It is now time for the grade 1 and 2 students who are interested in participating to sign up! We have high numbers and would appreciate if your child signs up only if they are prepared to show the commitment and enthusiasm.

Counselor's Corner
This month, we are talking to your children about Safe Touch, and want to get you in on the conversation. Below are some links to articles with helpful tips for parents regarding child sex abuse prevention. Also, please join us on November 21st for a workshop for parents on Positive Discipline.


Secondary News

From the Principal's Desk
Blair talks about last week Student Involved Parent-Teacher Conferences, providing interesting analysis on the level of parent involvement at IST. He also provides an overview of the coming up IST Fun Fair event.

SPN - Chapati Friday
Chapati Friday is back again this coming Friday, November 24th during first break. The SPN looks forward to great student and teacher support as always!!

Grade 11 Theatre Performance
Please join us for the Grade 11 Theatre class debut performance on Monday, November 20th at 4:30pm in the Black Box Theatre at Secondary. Students will be presenting two original devised pieces. Don't miss this opportunity to see some quality theatre for FREE!

From the Counseling Office
Join us for this Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne​ Visit • Time: 12:35 to 1:10 pm • Venue: B4 • Day: 20th November 2017

The Arts department is looking for Grade 8-11 students who are interested in attending this year's ISSEA Arts trips. Read full details below.

Daily Bulletin for Secondary Students
At IST Secondary, we want students to develop the skills of time management, planning and organising. The school shares a Daily Bulletin with students to help them keep track of important upcoming events and deadlines. To help parents support their children as they develop these skills, we are also sharing a link to the same Daily Bulletin with parents through this article for quick reference.


Community News and Events

Artisan Market: November 18th, Oysterbay Shopping Centre, 10am to 4pm
Don't miss this fantastic event and the chance to see and buy terrific crafts from local artisans.





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