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8th September 2017
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Education in Action
Worldwide, the UNHCR estimates that more than 65 million people have been forced to leave their homes of which more than 22 million are refugees who have fled their countries. For Marina Kaleb, IST Secondary student, these numbers and her access to resources and support was enough for her to take action to help. Read more about Marina's work as well as the work of other IST students who have taken full advantage of IST's incredible CAS programme.

World Cafes: September 12th and 19th
Dr. Mark Hardeman invites all parents to attend one of the two upcoming Cafe's which IST will be hosting in order to help gain perspective from parents about our school community. The feedback from these conversations will be very helpful in the coming months as IST seeks to review our current Strategic Plan. Join us in the morning on September 12th (Elementary MPH) or in the evening on September 19th (Secondary MPH). Details below.

Secondary Music Boot Camp and Concert: Secondary Black Box on Sunday, 10th September at 3pm
This Saturday and Sunday, approximately 70 students will spend the weekend rehearsing to kick start the Secondary school's ensembles. Members of the Senior Band, Junior Band, Middle School Choir and the Jazz Ensemble will work hard to put together a concert which will be held in the Secondary Black Box on Sunday, 10th September at 3pm. The whole IST community is invited to come and support our young musicians at the concert.

Elementary Musical Musicians Needed!!
We are looking for parents or community members who would be interested in performing as part of the 'pit orchestra' for the Elementary Musical in February. The commitment would involve being available for all the performances (Dates are early February) as well as rehearsals (on various Saturdays and Sunday's) mostly throughout January and early February. We are particularly looking for a guitar player, bass player and a drummer. Reading musical notation is necessary and the music is quite challenging. Please speak to Maggie Hewitt at the Elementary school if you want more information or email We would love to hear from you!!

Baker Book Fair - orders due by September 30th, 2017
One of the important aspects of reading at home is that children enjoy what they read and, away from the pressure of school and learning, they can immerse themselves in a book and just enjoy the pleasure of reading, or being read to. Enjoying books helps children develop their reading ability and builds the reading habit. This is why we're sending home the latest Baker Books catalogue, which has a wide range of carefully selected children's books for you and your family to choose from. There's no obligation to order but if you would like to get top quality books for your child there are now two easy ways for you to order. Please follow the steps below.

IST's Class of 2017: We are proud of you!
Many from IST's Class of 2017 went back to school this week as their universities opened and students got back to work. Among the many recognised and worldwide leading universities which are now home for our newest alumni are: Canada - Carleton University, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo. United Kingdom - King's College London, The University of Warwick, University College London, University of Glasgow. United States - Boston University, College of William and Mary, United States Military Academy (Army), University of California (Los Angeles). The group also achieved an impressive average score of 34 points (well above the world average of 29.95) on the IB Diploma exams held in May 2017. We are exceptionally proud of our students for their hard work, motivation and success.

IST's Social Media In Brief
Are you looking for IST in social media? Follow the link below for a brief summary of where to find us including the Facebook pages for the EPN and SPN.

IST's Calendar: How to Sync with Your Personal Calendar
IST maintains three calendars of upcoming events: 1) Elementary Campus Events, 2) Secondary Campus Events, 3) IST Events (events which are relevant to the whole school). The calendars are summarized to the right of this Weekly Bulletin for quick reference. If you'd like to have the events automatically feed to your personal calendar as well, follow the link below to learn more.


Elementary News

From the Principal's Desk
This week, Tony shares views from Grade 5 students about their Mikumi trip. He also highlights on the coming up World Cafes and a Special Parent Workshop for Grade 4 and 5 parents on Wednesday, 13th September in the Secondary Library. Other upcoming events and topics include a Whole School Read In, the EPN EC/KG Fun Morning, and Seesaw for Families.


Secondary News

From the Principal's Desk
Blair Peterson writes about topics covered in extended homeroom including a description of how the subject of academic integrity has been addressed.

IBDP Induction Retreat
Last Wednesday and Thursday, the Class of 2019 had their IB Retreat to introduce them to the core components of the programme. During their time in Kunduchi, the Grade 11s investigated learning by intuition, the role of culture in knowledge and tested their problem solving skills in a massive island scavenger hunt.

From the Counseling Office
September is a busy month and the Counseling Department provides a summary of upcoming university visits as well as a reminder about presentations coming up for parents entitled Secret Lives of Students.

Library Exhibition: the books that students read in 28 countries around the world
What books are required reading in high schools in your country? And in other countries? Researchers at TED asked members of their TED-Ed community which books are required reading in their home country. And now we, at IST, have curated a collection of the books that were identified as the most commonly assigned books for high schoolers in 28 different countries. We have copies of them in English, and some of them in their original language, and these books will be on display in the secondary school library.

New Secondary Parent Lounge: formerly known as Room C10
In case you missed it, Secondary parents now have their own lounge on campus! For those who were with us last year at IST, you may recall that Room C10 became the go-to meeting room (when it wasn't being used for classes). Now, the room will be used as a dedicated parent lounge. Still lots of work to do to make it less "classroom" and more of a social gathering spot, but still a welcome use of the resource. If you are on campus and need a place to wait while your children are wrapping up their activities, you are welcome! The key to C10 is kept with Margaret at the guard station (show your parent ID card). Please just lock up and switch off lights/ACs before you leave the room and return the key to the guard station. We don't have funds yet for a renovation of the room, but, for the time being, we are very happy to have the dedicated space! Karibuni!

Daily Bulletin for Secondary Students
At IST Secondary, we want students to develop the skills of time management, planning and organising. The school shares a Daily Bulletin with students to help them keep track of important upcoming events and deadlines. To help parents support their children as they develop these skills, we are also sharing a link to the same Daily Bulletin with parents through this article for quick reference.


Community News and Events

Nipe Fagio: Coco Beach Cleanup September 9th
Nipe Fagio is sponsoring a beach cleanup at Coco Beach on September 9th, 8-11 am. If you are new to Dar es Salaam, Nipe Fagio is a fantastic group of concerned individuals and organizations who coordinate beach cleanups around Dar es Salaam. Read the full details through link below.

Certification Opportunity: Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder
Scuba Do offers a chance to get certified as a Rescue Diver and an Emergency First Responder. For more info contact

Tanzania Breast Cancer Foundation:
The Tanzania Breast Cancer Foundation will hold their annual walk/run to raise awareness about breast cancer. The event takes place on Saturday, October 7th. Registration is now open. Follow the link below to learn more.





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